Monique Alexander's Secret Spa (film review)


I was doing some cleaning and re-arranging in my bedroom and came across this DVD in my collection. It's from 2017, back when I was still buying physical DVD's, and I gave it a rewatch today and then figured I might as well write a little review for this new blog of mine.

This is technically a film, although it feels like a bunch of gonzo scenes strung together with a common star, that being Monique Alexander, and premise, that being a female masseuse who has sex with her clients. No writer or director is credited, but it's produced by Brazzers.

Monique plays a married woman, named Monique, who in the opening narration says that she's been married for 7 years and still loves her husband (who is unnamed, and uncredited, so I don't know who the actor is), but that she's gotten bored as they're apparently childless and she just hangs out by herself in their nice large house all day while her husband is at work. So she gets the idea to resume her previous job, which was working as a masseuse. She just wants to do it part-time in her home. Her husband agrees and she sends out an ad to receive clients. 

Her first client is Xander Corvus who arrives, gets undressed and puts a towel around his waist, and gets on the massage table that Monique has set up in her living room. Despite the love she said she has for her husband, it doesn't take much for Xander to seduce her. She starts massaging his chest but he quickly gets an erection that tents his towel. He takes it off and starts stroking his cock in front of her, and although Monique is taken aback at first, she doesn't kick him out or tell him to stop and the next thing you know he's kissing her. 

This is the first part when I noticed that either my particular DVD is slightly defective or it was just edited badly. As after they kiss the first time, Xander asks Monique for a blowjob and she starts to move her face towards his cock as he's laying on the table but the scene then immediately cuts to Monique now totally naked (she'd been in a t-shirt and shorts to that point) and bending over the table as Xander starts fucking her doggystyle. 

But the rest of the scene proceeds fine as this two get into it. There's oral, including 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary, until it ends with Xander giving her a creampie, which she digs out of her own pussy and licks off of her fingers.

Next scene Monique narrates that it's several days later and she feels guilty for cheating on her husband like that and vows to never do it again. And just to be on the safe side she's decided to only accept female clients from now on, and we see her massaging her newest client Kendra Lust.

For the record, this scene is the reason I bought this DVD as Kendra was (and still is) my favorite female porn star (at least since Lisa Ann retired), so I've always sought out her scenes. 

After some brief massaging Kendra's husband Keiran Lee shows up and watches for a minute, before asking for a massage too. At Kendra's urging Monique agrees and Keiran gets naked and on the massage table and Monique starts massaging him, but then Kendra joins in and encourages Monique to get more intimate until both women are stroking his cock. 

This is where there's another glitch in my DVD, as Kendra asks Monique to give Keiran a blowjob, but before she can do the scene cuts to Monique sitting on Keiran's face as he eats her pussy while Kendra sits on his cock.

The scene proceeds with the women switching places, Keiran fucking each woman in different positions, at one point Keiran cums in Monique's mouth and then she spits some of his cum into Kendra's mouth, and after some more fucking it ends with the two women giving him a double-blowjob, although it doesn't look like he actually cums again. 

After this Monique's resistance has faded away as she tells us that she realized that she could make a lot more money by offering sex with her massages, and we see her with her latest client Danny D. He's naked on the table, with the towel around his waist and she's rubbing his back as her husband walks by and says goodbye as he's heading off for work that morning. As soon as he's out the door Danny turns around and Monique takes his towel off and starts blowing him. But as they're getting into it they hear her husband coming back in, shouting that he forgot his keys. Monique quickly covers Danny with the towel again as he comes through the living room saying he's going to get his keys in the bedroom. 

For some reason, Monique and Danny decide to be reckless and while her husband's in the other room she starts blowing him again. She goes so far as to lift her shirt to reveal her breasts and starts titty fucking Danny. Then her husband comes back into the room, still unable to find his keys, but she's standing with her back to him, still with her shirt pulled up in front and holding Danny's dick in her hands, so he can't see that she's doing that. Then the husband's phone rings and he walks into another to answer it and Monique gets naked and gets on top of Danny for 69. They hear the husband coming back and she hides under the massage table while Danny turns over on his front, and the husband says he's found his keys and to tell his wife he's left, then he leaves and Monique and Danny start fucking, but specifically Danny fucks her in the ass. After doing that in several positions it ends with Danny shooting a huge load of cum all over the front of her body. Seriously, she was laying on her back as he fucked her, and he pulled out and cum plastered on her stomach, tits, and even some up to her face. It was an impressive load. Danny says he'll be back, and Monique informs him that anal costs extra. 

The final scene takes place months later, Monique says her business is booming and she has many happy clients. Her latest is Nat Turnher. She's massaging him, but then he stops her and asks if he can massage her, which she lets him do. This soon leads to him going down on her, then he has her give him a blowjob, at which point Isiah Maxwell comes in, claiming he has an appointment with Monique right now. But Nat refuses to stop, so Isiah just gets naked and joins them.

The two brothers take turns fucking her in the pussy, getting blown by her, Nat fucks her in the ass a bit, Monique rides one cowgirl while blowing the other, it's a hot scene. Finally, Monique is on her knees blowing Nat until he cums in her mouth. Then Isiah says wants some more and picks her up and bends her over the table...AND THE SCENE CUTS OFF. 

That's it for that movie, I don't get an ending. At least not right there. It immediately cuts to what's labeled as a bonus scene. It's from Brazzers' Real Wife Stories site, and features Ivy Lebelle. She and an unnamed and uncredited man who is supposed to be playing her husband enter a sauna wearing nothing but towels. They sit down and Ivy wants to have sex, but her husband isn't in the mood, so they just lay down together and the husband falls asleep. Then Kyle Mason comes into the sauna completely naked and playing with his cock as he smiles at Ivy. So she and Kyle start fucking right next to her sleeping husband. The husband wakes up in the middle of it and is angry when he sees what's happening, yells at Ivy and leaves. So she and Kyle just keep fucking in cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary, until he cums on her face. 

And that's the end of the official film. The DVD contains some extra features, including a separate bonus scene that you have to specifically click on. This scene stars Britney Amber who comes to get a massage from Keiran Lee. He plays this real hippy-like holistic type of masseuse, who after having her lay down naked on his massage table puts some healing rocks on her. Then he has her blow him, and this leads to full-on fucking. Britney and Kieran fuck in several positions until he cums on her tits and in her mouth. 

Another bonus feature is a collection of the cumshots from each of the scenes. So at least that I do get to see the ending of scene with Monique, Nat, and Isiah. Isiah fucks her in the ass from behind for a little bit before pulling out and cumming on Monique's ass. It's right after that, that Monique's husband walks in and looks shocked, angry, and disgusted at what's going on. Nat and Isiah just tell him how his wife "gives the best massages in town", and Monique simply says "sorry" to him, and the camera pans down to close-up on her twerking her ass. THE END.

Other special features include a photo gallery which consists of a bunch of stills from each of the scenes. And it also features a collection of trailers from 4 other DVD's, Naughty Bookworms 2, Cougar Sightings 2, Pornstar Paradise 2, and Yoga Freaks 2.

So the sex scenes are all hot and shot well. Monique Alexander is the featured star with the most scenes, and she looks incredible, and is either really enjoying each scene or is a very good actress. She's particularly good at the dirty talk while she's fucking. As I mentioned, Kendra Lust is my favorite, and she is always awesome in everything she is in. Ivy Lebelle and Britney Amber are also extremely sexy women who look in their scenes. In terms of sex appeal and performances, there is no weak leak on this DVD, each scene is a winner.

So this DVD is definitely worth checking out, but the glitches in the three scenes where they cut out prevent me from giving this a perfect 5 stars. But it warrants a Chacebook rating of FOURS STARS