NANNY MADE THEM DO IT by Nick Eastwood


In May 1988, five months after Nanny Needs It, Greenleaf Classics published Nick Eastwood's fourth (and last?) nanny-themed book. This returns to the basic plot of his first two books on the topic, And Nanny At Night and Hot Fanny Nanny, although like the previous novel it has the nanny watching two teenage boys instead of just one.

Heather Thompson is the lead character and for once we get an exact age. She's 20 years old, and a college student, who has taken a summer job as a live-in nanny to pay for school. She's described as a curvy blonde with "grapefruit-sized" tits. She has a boyfriend named Mick, but he's away in Alaska, and they had a very active sex life which she enjoyed. As the story begins it's been 2 weeks since he's been away and she's been working, and she's getting very horny and not looking forward to three months without sex.

Her boss is Jim Crocker, a successful man who's a widower, we later learn that his wife died in a car accident that they were both in 2 years prior. He's hired Heather to watch his two sons, Darren and Andy, who are both teenage high school students. We don't get their ages, just that Heather is only "a few years" older than them, and that Darren is the older brother. So I could guess, maybe, 17 and 16?

But despite their ages, both boys are very sheltered virgins, as Jim is very strict with them, not allowing them to date and never even talking to them about girls or sex. Heather thinks he's a prude, but since he's the boss she's been following his rules. But it's obvious to her that the boys are interested in girls, as the story begins with Heather sunbathing by the pool in a bikini and she sees that the boys are trying to secretly watch her through the window. This turns her on and she decides to tease them by taking her top off and fondling her tits, even holding them up and licking her own nipples. Then she stands up, takes her bottoms off too and jumps into the pool to swim naked for a little bit. The boys manage to hide when she comes back into the house, but we see them talking about her and complaining about their lack of sexual experience.

Later that day while cleaning Darren's bedroom she finds a bunch of porn mags hidden under his mattress. She knows Jim would not approve if he found out about this, so she calls Darren into the room to confront him. He begs her not to tell his father, which she agrees not to do but says she needs to throw the mags away. Darren said he just wanted to know more about the difference between men and women, so Heather gets the idea to show him herself. She lifts her shirt and takes her bra off, then takes off Darren's shirt, so he can see the difference between their chests. Then she goes further, getting totally naked and telling him to do the same, then laying down on the bed and letting him look between her legs. Darren gets very excited and is rock hard, so she then has him sit next to her and she grabs his cock and starts jacking him off while taking his hand and having him play with her pussy, until they both cum. Right at that moment, they're both interrupted by the sound of Andy calling for them, asking them what's for lunch, so they have to stop.

Later that evening, after Jim's gotten home and they all had dinner, Heather happens to catch Andy staring out the window, watching as a couple who live next door has sex, which he can see them doing through their window. He takes his cock out and strokes it as he watches, and that's when Heather confronts him and takes him to her room to admonish him for spying. She then gives him the same sex lesson she gave Darren, letting him see her naked and having them mutually masturbate each other until they cum, then she sends him to his room for bedtime.

The next day Jim takes Andy to a dentist appointment, leaving Heather and Darren alone in the house. She takes him to his bedroom where they get naked and get on the bed to make out. When he begs her to teach him out to fuck, she does. She shows him how to fuck her missionary, and he cums really fast to their mutual disappointment, but he gets hard again quickly so they can do it again and it last longer next time. Right as they both cum, Jim and Andy return, with Jim announcing that he has to take Darren to his dentist appointment now. 

No, it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't have taken them both at the same time, but whatever.

Anyway, after they leave, now it's Andy's turn to ask for sex. Heather takes him to his room and basically replays the same scene as she had with his brother, except she gets on top of him for the first time. But he also cums too quickly but she gets him hard again so it can last longer the second time.

Heather had sworn both boys to secrecy, with promises of getting together with them again except it turns out to be hard to get some time alone with either of them again as they're both home during the day and then Jim is home at night. Finally Heather gets the idea to suggest to Jim that he should take turns taking each boy to work with him to spend the day together, and he thinks that's a good idea. So the plan is that on Mondays he'll take Andy to work, and on Wednesdays he'll take Darren to work. Still not aware that Heather has fucked both of them, each boy is excited as this will mean there's one day a week where he will get to be alone with her.

On Monday Heather takes Darren to his room to fuck. They fuck so hard that they literally break his bed, with one leg snapping off. They fall onto the floor but just keep right on fucking until they both cum. Luckily Darren says it'll be easy to fix, which he'll do later, but in the meantime, Heather takes him to her bedroom to continue fucking, which includes her teaching him how to eat her pussy and then her giving him a blowjob. We learn that they spend most of the day fucking, so by the time Jim and Andy come home for dinner, Heather and Darren are both "fucked out." Heather is so satisfied that she doesn't even think of sex on Tuesday. 

But by Wednesday morning her sex drive has returned, so when Jim and Darren leave, she takes Andy to his room to do the same things with him. This includes letting Andy fuck her, and him cumming too fast the first time but lasting longer the second time and then he teaching him about oral sex, which they both do to each other. And they also spend most of the rest of the day fucking.

But that still doesn't leave any opportunities during the rest of the week for Heather to get with either boy, and they're all anxious and horny again by the weekend.

Sunday morning Darren sneaks into bed with Heather while she and everyone else is still sleeping. He's naked and she's in just a nightie, which he lifts up and starts fucking her in the spooning position, which she enjoys as she wakes up, but cautions him to be quiet.

But they're not quiet enough, as Andy wakes up to use the bathroom and as he walks past Heather's room he hears their moans, so he peaks through the keyhole and watches with anger, jealousy, and lust as Darren fucks Heather.

At this point, if you've read Nick Eastwood's previous nanny-themed novels, or at least my reviews of them, you know where this is heading. Andy eventually enters the room to confront them both and Heather convinces them to agree to share her, so they take turns fucking her and then end up tag-teaming her, with her on all-fours as one fucks her pussy while she blows the other one (and then they switch places). 

But the three young people get so excited they forget to control their voices. Jim wakes up and hears them and watches through the keyhole, getting excited despite himself. He bursts in and kicks the boys outside, ordering them to clean the garage. Then when he's alone in the room with Heather she gets naked and comes on to him, and Jim ends up fucking her too. When they're finished he agrees to not punish the boys and give them all permission to keep fucking, having finally realized that he's been too strict with them. He also makes a deal with Heather that he wants to keep fucking her too, saying they can do it at night while the boys are asleep from now, as he's also tired of living without sex, although he still want to keep that secret from his sons, which Heather happily agrees to do. THE END

This story is a bit repetitive in some of the sex scenes, the way each both seems to react exactly the same when Heather seduces them is a bit unrealistic, but then if were looking for "realism" we wouldn't be reading books like this, would we? The sex is hot, which is what ultimately matters most. Re-reading these books reminds me why Nick Eastwood was one of my favorite writers of this genre back in the day. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS