Erica Lynne - Bonus Content

Check out ERICA LYNNE from Bad Girls Club season 5, getting fucked by some mysterious dude known only as "Trent" (seriously, no one can figure out who he is or where he's from), on an episode of Playboy's reality TV series "Foursome." 

This is a full scene that didn't appear in the original episode. I always thought it was hot. I love the way Erica is moaning as she's getting fucked and then screams when she's cumming. Although it's funny how on the episode when it's over she claims that she "put on an award-winning performance to just get it over with" and that the sex was "average." 

Well, she sure sounds like she's really enjoying it to me (and at one point you can hear Trent mention how wet she is) be the judge.