Alright, let's go back to 1988, when Greenleaf Classics published this x-rated novel under their Patch Pokets imprint. Written by Hank Henderson, this book reads like a stereotypical old-school porn film, and whether that's good or bad is in the eye of the beholder.  

In this book, STD's and unplanned pregnancies don't exist. People have unprotected sex, ending in creampies, at the drop of a hat, regardless of their marital status. Women all have big breasts and are multi-orgasmic, able to come from penetration alone, men have big cocks and when they cum they shoot huge loads (sometimes described as "buckets") of semen into the mouth or vagina of their willing partners. 

This book features three married couples but the main character for the majority of the book is Stacey Parker, a 26-year-old housewife, married for four years to Fred Parker. Stacy is highly sexual and for the first 3 years of her marriage Fred willingly satisfied her. But that changed when he got a promotion at work and is now busy a lot, and has less of a sex drive. In the past 6 months they've barely had sex, and now Stacey has been driven to her boiling point. 

In chapter one, she's bored at home alone one weekday and decides to go to a local video store to rent some porn tapes (remember, it was 1988, we had to do that back then). The only other person in the store when she gets there is Bill, the clerk (and possibly the owner, it's not clear), who appears to be in his mid-20's. Trying to decide what porn to buy, she takes some tapes into the "preview booth" in the back, and invites Bill to come watch with her. Bill puts a "closed" sign on the door, joins Stacey in the booth, and pretty soon they're both turned on and Bill's fucking Stacey on the floor.

This was the first time Stacey ever cheated on her husband, but she loves it so much that she knows this won't be the last time.

In chapter two Stacey returns home with her porn tapes, still very horny. She pops a tape in the TV in her bedroom, strips naked and gets on the bed and masturbates with a dildo while watching it. Then her doorbell rings, slipping on a see-through robe, with her dildo still lodged in her cunt, she answers the door and finds Joe, who is delivering a dining room set that she'd forgotten she'd ordered. She immediately resolved to seduce Joe, who puts up no resistance and fucks her on her living room floor twice. First in her pussy and then after they both cum, she bends over so he can fuck her in the ass. 

Chapter three is the next day. Stacey is lounging around in a bikini in her backyard. She gets horny and starts masturbating. She's initially unaware that her next door neighbor Jack Watson was off from work that day, and can see her from a window on the second story of his house. We learn that Jack is married, but his wife left him three weeks earlier, saying he was "oversexed." Jack hasn't gotten laid since then so he says that his "balls are so full they feel like they're gonna explode." He watches Stacey and when she finally notices him and their eyes meet, she's turned on. The next thing you know, Jack is in her backyard, and he fucks her on her lounge chair. 

In chapter four, the action switches to a new character, as Jack's wife Karen comes by his house that night, wanting to reconcile. It turns out that since she left Jack, Karen has had sex with "a couple of strangers" and now realizes what she's been missing, in terms of enjoying her sexuality. She wants to get back with Jack, willing to have sex with him as often as he wants now, but she wants an open marriage, so she can still have sex with other men, as well. She doesn't mention this at first when shows up, she just comes on to him and they have hot sex, which is so good for Jack that when it's over he's already thinking about the next time they can do it...while Karen is thinking about "all the other men in the neighborhood she wanted to screw."

Chapter five is the next day. Stacey is home, still bored and horny. She went to see Jack but he wasn't home. So she decided to bake a cake for Fred, hoping that would help get him in the mood when he got home that night. But as she was getting the recipe ready, she realized that she was out of flour. Not wanting to go all the way to the grocery store just for that, she goes across the street to ask her neighbors if they have any she could borrow. Larry and Sue Michaels are the couple who live across the street. Larry is doing yard work, with his shirt off, in the front yard when Stacey approaches him. He tells her that Sue is out shopping, and should be gone all day, and invites her inside so he can see where Sue keeps the flour. 

But once they're inside, the flour is forgotten, as Stacey is soon on her knees, sucking Larry's cock (which is "the thickest she'd ever seen"). After he cums in her mouth she gets down on all fours so he can fuck her from behind until they both have mutual orgasms. When they're done Stacey is so satisfied that she goes back home without even borrowing the flour that she came for, as she no longer needs Fred to fuck her that night. 

In chapter six we learn that Larry's wife Sue had come home early, and actually saw Larry fucking Stacey, but they were so busy and loud that they didn't hear her come in. She silently watched, then snuck out back into the garage until Stacey left. When she comes back inside she finds Larry still laying naked on the kitchen floor, where Stacey left him. Larry is shocked, realizing he'd been caught, but before he can speak Sue strips naked and angrily demands that Larry fuck her as good as he fucked "that slut from across the street." She gets down and starts sucking Larry's cock, even though he initially insists that he can't possibly get hard again right then after the two loads he spent with Stacey, but Sue won't stop. And to his surprise, she manages to get him hard again, and she bends over and orders him to fuck her exactly like he fucked Stacey, which he does. 

Chapter 7 is "a few days" later. After hearing Larry's story, Sue wanted to have sex with Stacey herself, noting that "it had been a long time since she'd made love to another woman." Noticing Fred leaving the house with some luggage one morning she assumes she's going away on a trip, so she goes over to their house, wearing short shorts and a tight t-shirt, and asks Stacey if she can borrow some flour. 

Stacey, who greeted Sue at the door wearing nothing but one of Fred's oversized button-down shirts is taken aback by Sue's appearance but invites her in, and when Sue reveals that she knows about her and Larry and then propositions her, she doesn't resist. The ladies take turns sucking each others tits and then going down on each other. 

In Chapter 8, after Sue has rushed back home to fuck Larry, Stacey is left alone still horny. She goes to her room and masturbates with her dildo again. Then Jack comes by. We learn that he and Karen had spent the past couple of days on a "second honeymoon," fucking each other silly, and Jack has agreed to Karen's proposal of an open marriage. Now that they were back home, Karen had sent Jack over to invite Stacey to dinner, so that the three of them could get together. In her rush to masturbate, Stacey had forgotten to lock the door, so Jack opens it and hears Stacey moaning from her bedroom. He sneaks upstairs to look and see hers on her bed, so then he strips naked and joins her, and fucks her again.

Unbeknownst to them, Fred returns early, his flight having been canceled. And when he hears the sounds from the bedroom he sneaks upstairs and is shocked to find Jack fucking Stacey. But they don't hear or see him and so he just sneaks back out, and decides to "seek revenge." 

In chapter 9, Fred goes next door to see Karen, thinking the two of them can figure out a way to get back at their cheating spouses. He's of course shocked when he finds out that Karen already knows and approves of what her husband is doing. She then mocks Fred for not satisfying his wife, tells him he needs to let go of his inhibitions and then throws herself at him, pinning him up against the wall and kissing him. 

Fred's never cheated before, but finds himself unable to resist when she gets on her knees and blows up. Then she has him fuck her twice, once in the pussy and then in the ass.

In the 10th and final chapter, Fred went home (the book doesn't mention if he and Jack passed each other as they left) and he and Stacey confess everything, with Fred promising not to neglect her anymore. Karen then calls to invite them both to dinner, and Stacey accepts and suggests they invite Larry and Sue as well.

The final scene is the dinner that night, where the three couples get together and it turns into an orgy in the living room. Sue has sex with Fred, Larry has sex with Karen, and Jack and Stacey have sex again. After all three men cum in all three women, they're still hard and the women are still horny. Stacey says she's ready for them to keep fucking "until they can't walk anymore." THE END.

Like I said, this is basically a porn movie in book form. If you're looking for an intriguing plot and deep characterizations, skip it. But if you want a bunch of hot sex scenes one after another, this book is for you. 

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS