Sexxxy Sarah Hunter!

Sarah Hunter, also known as Lady Clankington and Nicotine Desire, was one of the last great actresses of the Skinemax era. From her debut in Jim Wynoski's SEXUALLY BUGGED! in 2014, to her starring role in 2017's SLEEPING BEAUTIES from Dean McKendrick, she'd quickly become one of my favorites of the genre, always giving it her all in her smoking hot sex scenes, as well as showing herself to be a decent actress in her dramatic scenes. But unfortunately, she entered the business a little too late, as just as her star was rising, HBO decided to shut down their softcore content

For a few months she had a Patreon account where she sold erotic pictures and videos, but last I heard she got engaged in summer 2017 and retired from show business and public life altogether, with the exception of the time she aired out her abusive ex, Thomas Dean Willeford, in Feb. 2021.

Well, whatever she's up to these days, I hope she's content. But for now, let's remember her with some of her sexxxy photos!