Official FRIDAY THE 13TH Parody



A year before they released their OFFICIAL HALLOWEEN PARODY, Zero Tolerance released this parody of Friday The 13th, also produced by Tabitha Stevens (who has a small cameo) and directed Gary Orona.

The action takes place as the Crystal Lake Nudist Camp. Kris Slater stars as Kyle, the new owner of the camp, having just recently inherited it from his grandmother, and now he's hired a crew to help him get the place ready. Sarah Vandella (using the name Sara Sloane) stars as Susie, the newest employee at the Camp. She hitchhikes into town and enters a local bar where she hears the story of Jason, the man said to stalk the wood around Crystal Lake. Years ago he drowned in the lake, because his cock was so huge that he couldn't swim, now he roams the wood looking to spray people with his flesh-eating semen.

Susie doesn't believe this story, of course, and heads on down to the Camp, where she meets Kyle, and other employees Ricardo (Rocco Reed) and Asia (Aka Akira), who show her the cabin she'll be staying in. Courtney Cummz and Mr. Pete play a couple of Camp workers who see Susie arriving and are excited at the thought of having her join them in a orgy later, and they have sex in their cabin. When they're finished, we see Jason walking towards their cabin, and from his POV we see Courtney and Pete laying down in the cabin, still naked, resting. They spot Jason (played by Cheyne Collins) and are shocked at his huge penis sticking out of his pants (FYI it's an obviously fake dildo) and then Jason sprays them with jizz as they scream.

Nobody else at the camp seems to notice their disappearance, and just go on about their business. Susie is exploring the woods by herself. Jason sees her, but makes no move on her. Ricardo and Asa go back to their cabin and have sex. Afterward Asia goes to the bathroom to take a bath, while Ricardo stays in the room to rest, but he soon gets an arrow through his throat, courtesy of Jason. Then Jason goes to the bathroom, walking towards Asia, who is in the bathtub, with his big cock in his hand. Then, off camera, we hear Asia screaming. Later we get a shot of the bathtub, empty except for some blood in it.

While looking around Susie bumps into Kyle, who tells her the full story of Jason, which we see in flashback. Karlo Karrera (under the name "Carlo") plays Jason as a human. There's a big party at Camp Crystal Lake, but he's down in the basement by himself, looking depressed. Kagney Linn Karter comes down to ask why he isn't partying and getting laid with everyone else, but he says that after he has sex his penis grows and gets too big. Kagney insists on seeing that for herself, and seduces him, despite his reluctance. They have sex, after which she screams when she sees his penis grow. That's when he runs out to the lake and drowns.

Brooke Lee Adams, Brooklyn Lee, and Mark Wood play three other Camp employees who are playing Stripopoly, a stripping version of Monopoly. They quit the game and just have sex, in a pretty hot threesome. Afterward Jason comes in the room and jacks off on them, shooting them with his jizz as they all scream. Then Jason goes after Kyle and Susie in another room, they seem him coming and close the door, but Jason's huge penis blocks them from closing it, so Kyle grabs and axe to hack Jason's penis off (that happens off-camera, thankfully).

The final scene is Kyle and Susie in a bedroom, celebrating that Jason is now dead, and they can finally have sex. But when it's over we see Jason, still alive, walking through the woods..

Okay, so, as a parody of Friday The 13th, it's not very good. But the sex scenes are decent. Particularly the scene with Asa and Karlo, and the one with Sarah and Kris. I also enjoyed the threesome. That's what makes this film worthwhile. CHACEBOOK RATING: 4 STARS

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